Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Altered Allies: A Short Story by Cat Waters ((Tara Sue Me)

Altered Allies: A Short Story

This is a short story and is not part of The Submissive Series. 

Includes a bonus excerpt of Cat Waters new novel, OBSCURED, releasing October 12, 2015! 

Emma Olson is out of options after being wrongly terminated from her nursing position. As a last ditch effort before starting over as a grocery store bagger, she interviews with William Richardson, a well known computer geek, said to go through nurses like tissue paper. 

William needs a live in nurse for his terminally ill Grandmother. He doesn’t think spitfire Emma Olson is the one for the job, but unfortunately, she’s the only one applying. 

When Emma moves in, the combination of her sass and his sarcasm will either keep them apart or show them they might be fighting for the same thing.

My Review


A short story is just that... short!
Because of the length, everything needs to be packed into one quick pretty little package.
Started out intrigued, she's looking for work, he's a tall, dark and handsome nerdy tech guy.. or so she thought, offering her a job. He turns out to be anything but!
His kinks come out quite quickly, and although she tries to hide it, she's intrigued.

I wanted more. I know it was a short, but it felt rushed. I believe you definitely can build a connection in that small amount of time, but it didn't quite make it for me. I didn't get much of a connection or feeling from them.

It was a quick roll in the hay with a touch of bdsm on the side.

What added an extra star is the added bonus of the first 4 chapters of Obscured! That looks like it's going to be good!!

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