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Tough Enough (Tall, Dark and Dangerous #2) by M. Leighton

Tough Enough (Tall, Dark, and Dangerous, #2)


There was a time when I had everything–a wonderful family, a bright future. Love. But all that was taken away in a single night, torn from me like flesh from bone. Since then, I’ve hidden away in my second-choice job as a makeup artist. But I prefer it that way, actually. I’m comfortable in the shadows, where no one can see my scars.

Kiefer Rogan literally took my breath away the moment I met him. MMA champion-turned-actor, notorious playboy, charming to a fault—he’s everything I vowed to avoid.

But he just wouldn’t stop until I opened up and let him in. Maybe I should’ve tried harder to resist him. Maybe I shouldn’t have fallen in love with him. Because I, of all people, know that everyone has secrets. Scars. And that they’re usually ugly and painful and destructive to the people we love most.

I just never guessed that they could be deadly, too.

My Review

I'm a little on the fence with this one.

On the one hand I enjoyed a lot about these flawed/scarred characters. 

A sweet and romantic hero putting on the charm for the beautiful unassuming introvert.

But on the other hand, there was just a bit too much happening that didn't quite make sense for me as the story progressed and it put a bit of a damper on my feelings.

The prologue had me hook, line and sinker!

M. Leighton knows how to reel you in. How to make you feel it and I felt it. 

What an emotional beginning!

Katie's story although we don't find out what it really is until later on, just broke my heart. The way she felt about herself and how she felt others saw her was just heartbreaking.

"Life isn't a romantic comedy. It's more of a light Shakespearean tragedy. Or a cruel joke."

Rogan on the other hand although flawed himself he was the complete opposite of her. Always with a smile on his face, Happy go lucky, take the bull by the horns kind of guy.

The story was sweet, it was sexy, and then that mysterious element throughout that I was anxious to find out about. The dangerous part!

But like the characters, I found a few flaws that I couldn't quite get over. 

Something terrible happened with one of the characters at one point that I won't spoil, but it kind of just, well, really it left a sour taste in my mouth. 

Then more 'danger' AND crazy coincidences AND hella going on all around the same time and I kind of lost the sweet and emotional connection I felt in the beginning and was just left a little confused. Some of it just didn't make sense to me. :(

Luckily though, things ended up back the way they started, with sweet and emotional and I got my happily ever after.

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