Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dirty Angel by Barbara Elsborg

Dirty Angel

Dying Sucks

Particularly when you discover there really is a hell. Aden thinks there’s no way he can avoid going down, but when an angel and demon can’t agree over his fate, Aden is given one more month to gain redemption. He doubts he can find a way to become a better man in so short a time. But it’s worth a try, right?

Living sucks

Particularly when you can’t shake free of an obsessive ex. Brody might be managing to hold down his job as a vet, but his personal life is a mess. If he doesn’t pull himself together soon, he’s going to be sliding downhill too fast to stop.

One wet night, on a dark country lane, two worlds collide and destinies change forever.

Heaven and Hell. Right and wrong. Good vs evil. Angels and demons!

I myself have wondered, have I done enough? Been good enough? 
Will I be forgiven for those I've wronged? The lies I've told? Will I be allowed in Heaven?

This book makes you think! 
It sucks you into otherworldly thoughts and possibilities. 
It makes you fall in love.

As in usual Barbara Elsborg fashion, this book is witty, the characters sarcastic, the story emotional, funny and thought provoking!

Aden's backstory broke my heart.  Over the course of the story bits and pieces of his childhood and the suffering he endured was revealed. 
It brought me to tears on many occasions. 

"Worried you'll get lost?"

"I've been lost all my life, " Aden replied quietly. 

"Not lost." Brody squeezed his fingers. 
"Just undiscovered."

Brody on the other hand has also had a rough go at life, getting wrangled into things at a young age he had no control over.

These two together are sexy as hell, but they're also extremely sweet.

 Barbara also has a gift of making even the sexiest of moments fun and funny. 
Her characters are always cheeky and sarcastic and I love that! They're very endearing.

Also, I can't not mention the animals! 
Brody is a vet and lives on a farm, so several different animals come in to play throughout the story. From emotional moments that brought me to tears to laugh out loud ones, these animals made a great addition to the story.

All in all, another fantastic read from Barbara Elsborg! 
I highly recommend you read this one!

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