Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Endure (The Survival Series, #2) by Amber R Polk

Endure (The Survival Series, #2)

Veronica Williams lost everything that kept her alive: her home, her heart, and most importantly, her brother Jacob. She is forced to push past the grief to seek vengeance against the man who took it all-Luke Grislon. 

Set on a journey of no return, she is willing to pay the ultimate price for revenge, her humanity. 

Can she find peace in a shattered world, or will doubts, mistrust, and unanswered secrets be more than she can endure?

This was my first read by this author and it was also my first Dystopian!

I probably should have read Survive first, to have gotten a better look into the characters (and that's where the story begins), but unfortunately I didn't. In all honesty though, I was not lost and able to follow along just fine. 

I really enjoyed the world Amber has created.
Roni is filled with uncertainty and heartache. She has no one to turn to, nothing left to lose!

This story kept me intrigued. There was sadness, love, friendship and loyalty. I giggled a few times, held my breath at others and even shed a couple of tears!!

This was actually a light and very easy going read. It had happiness and silliness amidst the mystery and dread. 

I NEED the next book!!!

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