Friday, August 28, 2015

Fighting His Fire (The Rock Gods, #6) by Ann Lister

Fighting His Fire (The Rock Gods Book 6)Blurb
Locked-down at a Los Angeles intervention facility, everyone around Dante Dupont and his Black Ice band mate, Ashton Lane, thought this would fix the issues between them. Dante and Ashton knew differently. What made this a hundred times worse was the fact they were stuck in this room together. They hadn't shared space like this since the one afternoon they both wanted to forget. And, revisiting that nightmare was not an option . . . with or without the help of a therapist. 
Two musicians. Same band. Afraid to admit their true feelings, being in close quarters again has them both at their breaking point. They say if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, but neither of them can find a reason to leave, and fighting the fire is becoming more and more difficult to do. 
Dante's baggage isn't pretty and his scars run deep, but Ashton might be the one to finally see beyond his past and help him find a way out from the smoke screen he's spent his life hiding behind. 
In order to get there, though, they'll both have to walk through the flames.

My Review

Dante and Ashton. 
Band mates and members of Black Ice. 
We last saw them at the end of book 5 being duped into an intervention 
and pretty much locked in a room, together.

Their relationship and 80% of this book? 

"Contentious. Volatile. Physical."

And lets not forget combustible and explosive!

These men are like live wires. They go anywhere near each other and sparks fly. They go to battle with each other both physically and mentally. 
Sexually? The chemistry will threaten to burst your Kindle into flames!

"If you want me naked... you do it."

"Inside you, Ashes. That's where I need to be."

I'm serious people. HOT!
And did I mention the addition of a little voyeurism and bdsm?? You'll just have to read it for yourself!

There's hotness and lust, yes, but also vulnerability. 
Dante has a past he's ashamed of and struggles with. 
I enjoyed the tender moments we got from him, even when he wasn't quite sure how to deal with them.
"I'm not good with the tender side of this shit, Ashes, but for you I'll try just about anything to keep you in my bed."

I enjoyed Dante and Ashton's story as well as revisiting with old characters. 
I look forward to finding out all about Linc in book 7!!

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