Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Top Me Maybe? by Jay Northcote

Top Me Maybe? (BFP: The Secrets Collection)


Duncan has a secret fantasy, but is Tyler the right man for the job?
Tyler’s new policeman boyfriend, Duncan, is gorgeous. Tall, broad, and über-masculine, he’s the epitome of the dominant top—in appearance at least.

When they discuss their sexual fantasies, Duncan confesses to a secret desire that surprises Tyler. Luckily for Duncan, Tyler’s happy to oblige and is determined to give Duncan a night to remember. 

Length: 9666 words


Just what I needed... a steamy afternoon quickie! 

Top Me Maybe? is a short story about Duncan and Tyler's hot new relationship.
Duncan, the tall, muscular, strapping piece of man cop and Tyler, the bleach blonde, lithe bodied hair stylist. They couldn't be more different!

"You're so beautiful like this... on your knees for me."

You never know what your partner wants or needs unless you ask! And soon enough, they discover that they aren't as different as they had originally thought.

"Do you want me to be gentle with you or fuck you hard?"

A quick, sexy and satisfying read!

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