Monday, August 10, 2015

Resist: Gavin (Sphere of Irony Book 3) by Heather C. Leigh

All Gavin Walker, bass player for the multi-platinum selling band, 
Sphere of Irony, wants to do is surf, play music, and occasionally get laid. The problem is that Gavin has a stalker. A potentially deadly one. The threats he receives always mention something about Gavin being gay, which isn't public knowledge since the record label wants to keep it quiet. 

Mitch Hale used to track serial killers for the FBI. 
A live-changing incident led him to quit the bureau and start his own company providing computerized security for Los Angeles' wealthiest people. 
Mitch doesn't know anyone when he moves across the country from D.C. to California, and all he has for companionship is a pathetic string of failed relationships with women. 

When Gavin's manager hires Mitch to find the stalker, 
the men instantly hate each other. Despite the constant fighting, attraction between the two blazes hot, confusing the former FBI agent. 
Spending time with Gavin forces Mitch reflect on what he's denied about himself for the last ten years. Listening to Mitch's plan to catch a madman thrusts Gavin's personal life out in the open for the entire world to see. 

Can Gavin and Mitch stop fighting long enough to stop a stalker before someone gets hurt? Or will they stubbornly resist the feelings that develop when they're forced to work together? 

*This is book 3 in a 4 part series. It is a spin-off of the Famous Series. These can be read as standalones.

WOW!! This was my first read from Heather C. Leigh and I loved it!

From the beginning I was absolutely captivated and a little emotional. 
I was intrigued by Gavin's past, and I wanted to know more! 

"I've always loved the ocean. It's peaceful on the outside, but as they've always said, looks can be deceiving. Under those blue-green waves lie torment and fury and the ability to cut a grown man down. Sort of like me, beautiful on the outside- or so people tell me- but inside, I'm a twisted wreck of anguish and self-hatred."

This is  the story of Gavin, the hot, gay, but not out to the music industry, bass player of Sphere of Irony. 
He has been plagued by a stalker and it's gotten way out of hand.
Cue the hot as hell ex-FBI agent Mitch to head up security and bring the stalker down.
These two have an instant connection. While Gavin is instantly attracted and trying desperately not to be, Mitch doesn't understand the odd feeling he has toward this moody rock star who he strangely happens to find absolutely gorgeous!

This story is so damn sexy and delicious!! The chemistry between these two is sizzling hot!

"He uses my hair to direct my lips back to his, claiming me in the messiest, hottest, dirtiest mouth fuck of my life."

It's also hilarious and had me laughing out loud.
I rather enjoyed the references to Point Break! Gavin being a surfer and Mitch being undercover! One of my fave movies, by the way!

"Holy shit. Johnny Utah is a bottom I think I just died and went to heaven."

It was playful and fun, but also mysterious with a touch of melancholy.
Superb writing that kept me intrigued and entertained. I have found a new author to add to my love list!

Although this is book 3 in the Sphere ff Irony series, it can be read as a standalone. I did not get the feeling as if I missed anything. BUT, I will say that I now want to read more from this author and will definitely go back to read books 1 and 2.
AND... book 4?? Hawke??

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