Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Beyond the Music (The Rock Gods, #7) by Ann Lister

Beyond The Music (The Rock Gods, #7)

Lincoln Stallworth, bass player for Black Ice, has quietly watched each of his band mates fall in love and has accepted the fact he'll probably never find the same for himself. He doesn't really believe in true love, couldn't fully understand the absurdity of it, or the notion there could be just one perfect person for everyone. A debilitating health issue began to shadow Lincoln in the middle of their last tour. As his physical symptoms worsen, Lincoln has to fight the urge to hide from the world and himself inside his estate.

Aaron Baylor enters Lincoln's life at his lowest point. Lincoln feels broken, damaged beyond repair, and he's ready to give-up. Aaron's patience and unwavering support slowly begin to pull Lincoln back to being present in his own life and gives him hope for a future and for love. Will Aaron be the glue that holds the broken pieces of Lincoln's life together? Can Lincoln fight his way back to good health and take a chance at love? Or will the task be too great for Lincoln to handle?

Beyond The Music is Book 7 in The Rock Gods series. This is the final story in the series, but also the launch of a new M/M spin-off series, Guarding the Gods, which will have many cameo appearances from The Rock Gods characters in each story. If you enjoyed The Rock Gods, I hope you'll give Guarding the Gods a try!

I have greatly enjoyed the Rock Gods series. Each story so different from the previous one. 

I was very intrigued by Linc, and could not wait to know more about him. 
Just what was going on? What secret was he hiding?
I had my suspicions and couldn't wait to read this book!

The fear of knowing the truth was just as intense as remaining in the dark and fear had a way of pulling one down to the dark place where Lincoln found himself.

From his struggle to his new-found hope, and ultimately his look on life and love.... 
Lincoln's story was beautiful, and sad.

He was so broken and defeated, yet he kept it all to himself.
Until Aaron!!
I adored him.

"I'll be your strength if you let me."

Not only did these men share a steamy chemistry, but they had quite the deep connection. 
It was all about intimacy and trust.

Of course there was also laughter, sexual innuendo, and amazing lyrics!

It was a quick read, full of emotions, friendship, love and a suspenseful twist thrown in the mix.

Overall to me this book served three purposes. It was Linc's story, the final wrap up of the Rock Gods and their men, and woman, and the promise of a new beginning.
I see more hot men in my future!!!

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