Monday, June 30, 2014

Book Bash 2014

Book Bash was my very first author signing and it was fabulous! 
The most fun I have ever had!!! 
I had dinner with R.K. Lilley and her amazing husband, I ambushed Kendall Grey at the pool, I found an advanced copy of Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover in the back of a toilet!!! Yes, yes I did!!
I also may have fainted a few times from all the excitement!!
But I'm back and must show you how much fun I had! What an incredible time!!!

  Drove from NC to Orlando with Butterfly You on my car!

OMG dinner with R.K. Lilley!

R.K. Lilley 

 Jamie McGuire

Colleen Hoover

  Kendall Grey

 Christina Lauren

 Kylie Scott

         Kim Karr                       Jennifer L. Armentrout 

Sylvia Day

Kallypso Masters           Penelope Ward 

 Jamie McGuire

Aleatha Romig                  Stacey Grice 

 CJ Roberts

Katja Millay                  K. Bromberg 

 Abbi Glines

Kendall Grey                 Carmen Jenner 

 Tina Reber

Toni Aleo                          J.B. Salsbury 
 Cora Carmack

Amy Harmon                Abbi Glines 

 Abbi Glines
 K. Bromberg

 Katie Ashley

My awesome awesome husband who had just gotten back from Afghanistan 2 days prior!
He had no idea what he was in for!!

 After party with Griffin Peterson

 My awesome books

 Amazing swag including a Cross Industries t-shirt!!!!

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