Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Here's To Falling by Christine Zolendz

Every girl has that one guy…that one guy who steals her heart and never gives it back.

We were all friends…until we weren’t.

We depended on each other…until we couldn’t.

We were in love…until we were ripped apart.

We moved on…even when we didn’t want to let go.

This is our love story.

**This standalone novel contains material that some may find disturbing. Intended for mature readers only.

Friends, love, inspired by true events ...... how can you not read this? You must. And you must have tissues available! That is my warning to you!

'I've heard some people say that what you remember is not the whole truth; it's our thoughts of what we wanted things to be remembered as. They believe that we change our memories, that we just fabricate them into pasts that we can live with.
Do I believe that?
No. I believe I remember, every little detail."

This is the story of three friends, that spans across a fifteen year period taking you to both the past and present. I'll admit, I'm not usually a big fan of that, but this flowed smoothly between the two and I loved every minute of it.


Charlotte (Charlie) is a spunky, quirky little girl who wears glasses and loves to read. 
"thou shalt not bother me until I finished thy chapter"
Eventually Charlie grows up.....

"Was the grass greener someplace else, or was it fertilized with loads of bullshit like it was on my side?"


There are two, Joey and Jase. And they are heroes in every sense of the word.
One boy has soft sweet brown eyes, while the other has piercing blues unlike anything you've ever seen.

As kids these three had me laughing out loud. 

"the kids stuck up his middle finger at me"

"It means he hates you and wants to poke you in the eye really hard with his finger. Duh."

But as the story goes on, the laughing turned to tears. Sometimes of joy, and sometimes.... well.... not.

This is their journey of discovery, friendship, strength, tragedy, loss, and love. These three have an unbreakable bond and it was beautiful to read.

This isn't a 'dark read', nor is it purely an 'emotionally draining' read. It has both of those elements, yes, don't get me wrong, there's some terrible things that will have you gasping and cringing, but it's also incredibly sweet and funny, and there's also an easy going feel at times, mixed with a bit of mystery. I knew there was something I was missing, something had to have happened and when it was revealed, I was crushed. Hence the tissue warning. In the back of my mind I thought to myself, was this the part that happened in real life? I read on, I wiped my tears, I laughed again, I was happy, I loved these characters and their quirkiness, then I was crying again. Is this the part? I was devastated.

These characters are beautiful, this story is inspirational and I implore you to read it!  Go on... go down the rabbit hole with Charlie, Jase and Joey!!!


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