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Feat of Clay (Men of London #4) by Susan Mac Nicol

Feat of Clay (Men of London #4)


Imprisoned and tortured, undercover cop Tate Williams will find redemption in the arms of his boyhood friend, now lover, former SAS soldier Clay Mortimer.


Though they went their separate ways, Tate Williams and Clay Mortimer have been crazy about each other since their school days. Clay went into the SAS. Tate became a cop. Neither mentioned their attraction to the other. Both sought out danger. Both found it.

Imprisoned and shot in an undercover assignment gone wrong, Tate somehow survived…and found his way back into Clay’s arms. His old friend is now the owner of an elite investigation agency and everything any man could want: patient, handsome, commanding. And Clay knows what it takes to survive. But Tate can’t bring himself to share all his secrets, nightmares that force him to rebel against everything. He finds solace from his past as a graffiti artist, a childhood passion, but his demons drive away all who might care for him. Only when he faces that past—and learns that everyone has tasted despair—can the two men truly be brothers-in-arms…and more.

My Review

Susan Mac Nicol does not shy away from difficult subjects. In fact, she tackles them head on.
This  book is filled with many tough subjects to include abuse, torture, kidnapping, suicide and more.

Feat of Clay doesn't pull any punches and opens right up with sadness and a holy shit moment!!

There's beauty in a battered soul learning to find their way out of the dark and who better to help you with that than the man you've been in love with since you were both kids.
Clay's unyielding love and protectiveness for Tate is awe inspiring.

Sex as therapy? Hmmm That's what Tate's therapist suggested, but in my opinion there might have been just a tad too much of it.  Oddly enough, this is one of my favorite quotes...

"Let's just go to bed so I can fuck some loving into you."

There was also the usual witty banter which I've come to know and love, but not as predominant as in the others in the series. I did laugh out loud with Clay and the liquorice though!

And finally, I really enjoyed the interaction with the children at the halfway house as well as Jax. 
Is he to be a future mc? I would love it if he was!

For now, I look forward to the next Men of London and Lenny!!!!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Fighting His Fire (The Rock Gods, #6) by Ann Lister

Fighting His Fire (The Rock Gods Book 6)Blurb
Locked-down at a Los Angeles intervention facility, everyone around Dante Dupont and his Black Ice band mate, Ashton Lane, thought this would fix the issues between them. Dante and Ashton knew differently. What made this a hundred times worse was the fact they were stuck in this room together. They hadn't shared space like this since the one afternoon they both wanted to forget. And, revisiting that nightmare was not an option . . . with or without the help of a therapist. 
Two musicians. Same band. Afraid to admit their true feelings, being in close quarters again has them both at their breaking point. They say if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, but neither of them can find a reason to leave, and fighting the fire is becoming more and more difficult to do. 
Dante's baggage isn't pretty and his scars run deep, but Ashton might be the one to finally see beyond his past and help him find a way out from the smoke screen he's spent his life hiding behind. 
In order to get there, though, they'll both have to walk through the flames.

My Review

Dante and Ashton. 
Band mates and members of Black Ice. 
We last saw them at the end of book 5 being duped into an intervention 
and pretty much locked in a room, together.

Their relationship and 80% of this book? 

"Contentious. Volatile. Physical."

And lets not forget combustible and explosive!

These men are like live wires. They go anywhere near each other and sparks fly. They go to battle with each other both physically and mentally. 
Sexually? The chemistry will threaten to burst your Kindle into flames!

"If you want me naked... you do it."

"Inside you, Ashes. That's where I need to be."

I'm serious people. HOT!
And did I mention the addition of a little voyeurism and bdsm?? You'll just have to read it for yourself!

There's hotness and lust, yes, but also vulnerability. 
Dante has a past he's ashamed of and struggles with. 
I enjoyed the tender moments we got from him, even when he wasn't quite sure how to deal with them.
"I'm not good with the tender side of this shit, Ashes, but for you I'll try just about anything to keep you in my bed."

I enjoyed Dante and Ashton's story as well as revisiting with old characters. 
I look forward to finding out all about Linc in book 7!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Carolina Book Fest 2015~ Charlotte, NC

I had a great time at this signing! 
I made new friends, met new authors, saw favorite authors once again and was able to catch up with old friends!
I had the pleasure of finally meeting Beth Flynn, who is an absolute sweetheart and Heather C. Leigh, who I now have a girl-crush on! 
Unfortunately, I did not take as many pictures as I had planned on taking! Shame on me. Oh well, there's always next time!!

 Friday night before the signing. 
Cover Me, Darling's Marisa Shor, Shannon Lynne, Rachael Duncan
and Alexis Noelle

My coveted Beth Flynn goodies, including blue bandanas!! #teamgrizz

Here are the books I took with me!

 Beth Flynn's table!

The lady herself... Beth Flynn!!! Such a sweetheart!

 The always smiling and amazing M. Leighton!

My new obsessions!! But don't tell her that. She'll think I'm a stalker!

The awesome Alexis Noelle!

My BOO Rachael Duncan

And this is what I left there with! 

No, no, they're not all mine! This is our Bookaholic Girls' haul! There's a little something for everyone!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Released (Caged #3) by Shay Savage

Oblivion is a sweet, sweet place.

No pain. No disturbing thoughts of the past.

No guilt from my recent actions.

Deep down, there is still a part of me that knows how screwed up I am.

I don’t see a way out, not now.

Tria’s gone, and the possibility of her forgiving me in my current state is exactly zero.

I know I have to pull myself together, accept my responsibilities, and try to make amends, but I have no idea where to start.

No job. No apartment.

I’m living on the streets with the other junkies.

As little as I had to offer Tria before, I have nothing to give her now.

The only way out is to come clean and tell Tria the truth about my past, but the idea of reliving the memories is so painful, I can’t think about it long enough to figure out a solution.

I’ve hit rock bottom, and I don’t even know which way is up any more.

The conclusion of the Caged trilogy! 
Please be advised that books 1 and 2 must be read first!

Rock bottom! 
That is exactly where we find Liam in the beginning of this book. 
He's lost it all. 

This book is about taking responsibility, forgiveness, and acceptance.

There is some laughter, there's definitely hotness, but this one is more of an intense emotional journey with Liam having come full circle.
The most important fight of his life is right now, fighting his past and fighting for his future.

I got a bit teary eyed, I won't lie! Liam's struggle with addiction and his terrible past was heartbreaking. 

"You can't change the past.. You have to find a way to push forward."

There's also a big emphasis on family, love and ultimately happiness.
It was very endearing and sweet to finally get to see a much more vulnerable Liam. 
He definitely shows his softer side in the end.

Takedown (Book One) 

Trapped (Book Two) 

Released (Book Three)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts by Charlie Cochet


Julian “Quinn” Quinetro, a gruff, tough Miami SWAT officer, has been injured on the job, and all he’s looking for is a little peace and quiet to recover—difficult to achieve with his large Cuban family. An adventure in picking up his prescriptions puts him in the path of his geeky, brownie-baking neighbor, Spencer Morgan. Spencer sweeps into Quinn’s life like a tropical storm of sunshine and rainbows. Not surprisingly, it’s chaos at first sight. Quinn’s in need of a little tender loving care, and Spencer decides he’s just the man for the job. Their very different lives might clash, but they might also find some common ground—and maybe more.


Geeky, sweet next door neighbor who loves to bake but is a bit of a shy introvert meets loud, boisterous, muscled, Cuban Swat team member!

After Quinn is injured and left home to recover, Spencer sees that as the perfect opportunity to make his move.
And make his move he does!!

They quickly fall into a friendly routine, keeping each other company while slowly building their attraction toward each other.

When it comes to Quinn's loud Cuban family I could not stop laughing. It reminded me of my loud Italian, cheek kissing, coffee loving, feed you till you're exploding family. I could relate and it was hilarious!

It's light, cute, entertaining and funny with just a touch of spark!

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Darkest Flame by Christina Lee


Vaughn O’Keefe has been part owner of the Hog’s Den for years. 
Privy to plenty of Disciples of the Road business, he’s never been more ruffled as when a new recruit named “Smoke” walks through the door. 
Something about the man gets his blood pumping, but he knows to keep his preferences under wraps around the club.

“Smoke” Callahan has done a couple of rehab stints and is finally clean, thanks to help from the Disciples. 
He’s on the right path and isn’t about to get sidetracked, no matter how much the guy who manages the bar gets beneath his skin. 
Besides, his last relationship with a man left him scared, alone, and with a nightmare of an addiction.

When the Hog’s Den becomes shorthanded, and Smoke is ordered to help out the one man he can’t have, his longing for the bartender reaches blistering proportions. 
Vaughn figures a night together should be enough to satisfy their mutual attraction. But neither banks on just how scorching hot it might be.

As Smoke’s past unravels and the one person he hopes never to lay eyes on again messes with all he holds sacred, it’s time to involve the Disciples. 
Problem is, he’ll have to risk his membership, his heart, and his own hide to keep everyone he cares about safe​


The biker world isn't always a hearts and flowers, open and accepting place. They usually don't stray from their norm. 

Both Smoke and Vaughn struggle with their openness in the club. 
They also struggle with their attraction to each other.

There's a somewhat melancholy feel to this story, without the actual  tears.
Imagine being a big, rough and tough biker, in a biker gang and being bi-sexual. Having to keep your sexual preferences to yourself.
Both of these men finally feel as though they belong somewhere, with a 'family' of sorts, yet they can't be their true selves. That sucks!
And their true selves? Lusting after each other!

"Maybe people should be free to love whoever and however they want." "And it shouldn't be anybody's business."

There's heat, there's steam and there's get down on your knees and take me sex.
There's also mystery and intrigue. 
Something is going on, someone is threatening one of their own. 

This story to me, ultimately is about discovery and acceptance.
Feeling part of a family, a brotherhood and not wanting to mess that up.
Finding your happily ever after, a place where you belong and they've both found that in each other.

Rough and tough bikers want love too!

Cocky Bastard by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

Cocky Bastard


From New York Times Bestselling authors Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward, comes a sexy new standalone novel.

He was someone who belonged in my wildest fantasies instead of a rest stop in the middle of Nebraska. 

A sexy, cocky, Australian named Chance was the last person I expected to run into on my cross-country drive. 

When my car broke down, we made a deal. Next thing I knew, we were traveling together, spending sexually-tense nights in hotels and taking unplanned detours. 

My ordinary road trip turned into the adventure of a lifetime. It was all fun and games until things got intense. 

I wanted him, but Chance wouldn’t make a move. I thought he wanted me too, but something was holding him back. 

I wasn’t supposed to fall for the cocky bastard, especially when I knew we’d be going our separate ways. 

All good things must come to an end, right? 

Except our ending was one I didn’t see coming. 


Two of my favorite authors have written a book... together!! 
Can it get any better than that??
Yes, yes it can,  
because with that collaboration comes Chance, the Cocky Bastard!
And he's Australian!
With a sexy Australian accent!
And dimples.

And he rides a motorcycle!

Ok, I'll get on with it!

I loved this story! 

Chase is an outgoing, try anything, confident, cocky and utterly gorgeous piece of man!
Aubrey (AH-BREE is how Cocky says it) is kind of a stick in the mud! ;) 
Just kidding, but she is a very sweet, quiet, and kind, outwardly prim and proper young woman. Until a "chance" meeting with a sexy stranger changes everything!

"It was fate."

These authors know how to wield a story. 
It's entertaining,  funny, sweet, sad, sexy as all get out and down right awesome!!!! 

From the very beginning I was laughing out loud! And I continued laughing throughout the entire book!

So many witty one liners and hilarious back and forth banter.

"Ride with me?" 
"Ride me, yes." 
"What did you say?" 
"You're hearing things."

There's a slow build up of fun and flirty. 
They're getting to know each other and becoming friends. 
But along the way, their chemistry is undeniable.
Chance's accent not only made Aubrey's panties melt, but mine as well!

And yes, I read Chance's pov with an accent! I dare you not to!

And just like with any road trip, their story turns into quite the adventure.
There's twists and turns, unexpectedness, and spontaneous moments. 

Not to mention delicious and oh so dirty sexy time. And when that rolled around, 
 I was about as wound up as Aubrey! 

"that's all it could ever be with us, loving hard and fucking hard."

Holy hell was it scorching hot!

But that's not all folks.
No, these ladies also hit us with the angst! 

"I had to accept this situation for what it really was- a road trip, nothing more, nothing less"

 "They say if you let something go and it doesn't come back to you, it was never really yours to begin with."

I got a little misty eyed at times, I can't lie, 
but I think I've said enough! 

Cocky Bastard should most definitely be your next read!!
A sexy, humorous, entertaining, 5 star read!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Top Me Maybe? by Jay Northcote

Top Me Maybe? (BFP: The Secrets Collection)


Duncan has a secret fantasy, but is Tyler the right man for the job?
Tyler’s new policeman boyfriend, Duncan, is gorgeous. Tall, broad, and ├╝ber-masculine, he’s the epitome of the dominant top—in appearance at least.

When they discuss their sexual fantasies, Duncan confesses to a secret desire that surprises Tyler. Luckily for Duncan, Tyler’s happy to oblige and is determined to give Duncan a night to remember. 

Length: 9666 words


Just what I needed... a steamy afternoon quickie! 

Top Me Maybe? is a short story about Duncan and Tyler's hot new relationship.
Duncan, the tall, muscular, strapping piece of man cop and Tyler, the bleach blonde, lithe bodied hair stylist. They couldn't be more different!

"You're so beautiful like this... on your knees for me."

You never know what your partner wants or needs unless you ask! And soon enough, they discover that they aren't as different as they had originally thought.

"Do you want me to be gentle with you or fuck you hard?"

A quick, sexy and satisfying read!

All Man by Jay Northcote


“You’re the sleek little sports car to my Land Rover.” 

From the moment Gareth walks through the door of the salon to fit some new sinks, Jules can’t take his eyes off him. Jules has always been attracted to men who are his polar opposite, so burly Gareth is Jules’s fantasy man.

At the weekend, Jules gets into a tough situation with another bloke in a gay club and Gareth comes to his aid. Gareth rejects Jules’s subsequent advances but leaves him with the hope that his attraction isn’t completely one-sided. Fantasy could become reality.

With Gareth’s work at the salon nearly done, he’ll soon disappear from Jules’s life for good. Time is running out. Jules needs to prove to Gareth that he’s tougher than he looks and that his feelings run deeper than gratitude.

13,000 words approx

NB: This story is a spin off to Top Me Maybe? where Jules appears as a minor character. Both stories are standalones and don’t need to be read in order.


Loved it!! Jules and Gareth's story is funny, sweet and incredibly sexy!!


 This is my second short story from Jay Northcote and it was perfect! Jules's initial attraction and interactions with Gareth had me laughing out loud and grinning like a fool!

"He smelled of clean sweat and masculinity, locker rooms and teenage fantasies. Jules was in heaven."
This is another case of opposites attract. They are at complete ends of the spectrum, yet they couldn't be more perfect for each other.

"You're the sleek little sports car to my Land Rover."
I really enjoyed the writing, the humor and the tenderness of this story. A handful more chapters and it would have made a bang up novella! In fact, I could read about Jules and Gareth for days!


Monday, August 10, 2015

Resist: Gavin (Sphere of Irony Book 3) by Heather C. Leigh

All Gavin Walker, bass player for the multi-platinum selling band, 
Sphere of Irony, wants to do is surf, play music, and occasionally get laid. The problem is that Gavin has a stalker. A potentially deadly one. The threats he receives always mention something about Gavin being gay, which isn't public knowledge since the record label wants to keep it quiet. 

Mitch Hale used to track serial killers for the FBI. 
A live-changing incident led him to quit the bureau and start his own company providing computerized security for Los Angeles' wealthiest people. 
Mitch doesn't know anyone when he moves across the country from D.C. to California, and all he has for companionship is a pathetic string of failed relationships with women. 

When Gavin's manager hires Mitch to find the stalker, 
the men instantly hate each other. Despite the constant fighting, attraction between the two blazes hot, confusing the former FBI agent. 
Spending time with Gavin forces Mitch reflect on what he's denied about himself for the last ten years. Listening to Mitch's plan to catch a madman thrusts Gavin's personal life out in the open for the entire world to see. 

Can Gavin and Mitch stop fighting long enough to stop a stalker before someone gets hurt? Or will they stubbornly resist the feelings that develop when they're forced to work together? 

*This is book 3 in a 4 part series. It is a spin-off of the Famous Series. These can be read as standalones.

WOW!! This was my first read from Heather C. Leigh and I loved it!

From the beginning I was absolutely captivated and a little emotional. 
I was intrigued by Gavin's past, and I wanted to know more! 

"I've always loved the ocean. It's peaceful on the outside, but as they've always said, looks can be deceiving. Under those blue-green waves lie torment and fury and the ability to cut a grown man down. Sort of like me, beautiful on the outside- or so people tell me- but inside, I'm a twisted wreck of anguish and self-hatred."

This is  the story of Gavin, the hot, gay, but not out to the music industry, bass player of Sphere of Irony. 
He has been plagued by a stalker and it's gotten way out of hand.
Cue the hot as hell ex-FBI agent Mitch to head up security and bring the stalker down.
These two have an instant connection. While Gavin is instantly attracted and trying desperately not to be, Mitch doesn't understand the odd feeling he has toward this moody rock star who he strangely happens to find absolutely gorgeous!

This story is so damn sexy and delicious!! The chemistry between these two is sizzling hot!

"He uses my hair to direct my lips back to his, claiming me in the messiest, hottest, dirtiest mouth fuck of my life."

It's also hilarious and had me laughing out loud.
I rather enjoyed the references to Point Break! Gavin being a surfer and Mitch being undercover! One of my fave movies, by the way!

"Holy shit. Johnny Utah is a bottom I think I just died and went to heaven."

It was playful and fun, but also mysterious with a touch of melancholy.
Superb writing that kept me intrigued and entertained. I have found a new author to add to my love list!

Although this is book 3 in the Sphere ff Irony series, it can be read as a standalone. I did not get the feeling as if I missed anything. BUT, I will say that I now want to read more from this author and will definitely go back to read books 1 and 2.
AND... book 4?? Hawke??

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