Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Desperate Man: Volume 3 by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

A Desperate Man: Volume 3 (A Desperate Man, #3)

Sex. Addiction. Lies.

One night changed everything.

With the sins that stand between Evan and Reagan, can a relationship emerge from a past that is so broken?

Or will the weight of their deceptions crush any hope of redemption?

"Smart. Sexy. And dirty as all hell. She was his equal in every way imaginable."

In Volume 1 we meet the desperate Evan and the little minx Reagan.
Volume two, true feelings start to arise and a relationship begins. 

"She was a fiery-hot temptress, and her appetite more than matched his own."

BUT, feelings were hurt, secrets were kept.. and then IT ENDED!
Volume 3 picks up right where the other left off!!! Thank goodness!
Who's lying to whom? Seems like in this volume, every has something to hide.  
What secrets are being kept and why? 
Can they be forgiven? 

"The question is, are you willing to wash your hands of him for good, or do you want to have this guy on his knees begging you to be with him?"

The push and pull of their relationship is very entertaining, not to mention HOT!
One minute they're pissed at each other, the next they're... well, you know...

"A good hate fuck never hurt anyone."

These two are perfect for each other. 

We've seen Evan change and grow throughout the 3 books and I am proud of him! 
He's a fictional character, I know, but I am!!

There's funny, there's sexy, naughty, dirty, sadness, hope and ultimately happiness!

"She tasted like heaven. Like something he'd heard existed but something he never thought he'd be able to attain."

Perfect ending to the series, and an excellent collaboration between two authors I love! 

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