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Wreck: Hawke (Sphere of Irony #4) by Heather C. Leigh

Wreck: Hawke (Sphere of Irony, #4)

Hawke Evans is the drummer for the Grammy winning Sphere of Irony. The quiet, tattooed and pierced hottie behind a pair of geek chic glasses is hiding a seriously troubled adrenaline junkie with a death wish.

Abby Kessler is studying psychology at UCLA. Her 
desire to help those fighting mental illness stems from a life-changing incident in her past.

When Abby meets Hawke backstage at a local club, she’s instantly attracted to his bad boy good looks. But when she discovers the damaged man beneath the beautiful 
exterior, she’s compelled to make up for past mistakes.

How long will it take for Hawke to realize his reckless 
behavior isn’t only endangering him, but the hearts of those around him? How long will it take for Abby to see that she can’t help someone who has no desire to be fixed? 

I was intrigued by Hawke when I read about him in Gavin's book. This is only the second book in the Sphere of Irony series that I have read, the first being Gavin's story.
Anyway, I was anxious to read about the quiet, can't sit still to save his life, drummer.

That being said, I am feeling a little down.
Not because it was so emotional that I couldn't get past it.. but that I know it was supposed to be that emotional and to me it wasn't. 
It just didn't elicit the feelings I believe it was meant to. 
I must be broken! 

The beginning had me hooked. I was already so in love with Hawke! 
His story is heartbreaking. Truly.
This part had my emotions engaged. 
I had that feeling in the pit of my stomach.. that, oh my god, oh my god, kind of thing... 
but then things changed, everything progressed a tad quickly and it all pretty much went stagnant for me.

Abby was quite flawed for me. 
Yes she was a broken/flawed girl.. but her actions didn't make much sense. 
Also their back and forth strange relationship was just weird and I didn't really feel that powerful instant connection they said they had. 
Am I being too hard on them? I know they're broken and damaged characters, but I just kept feeling like something was missing. I actually did a double take at one point, flipped back and looked to see if I'd missed a paragraph. 

To me, certain feelings, certain reactions were left out.

It's safe to say I'm on the fence! 
Besides the things I didn't quite connect with, there was that awesome beginning and I have to give extra props for revisiting with Gavin and Mitch who I loved so much in the previous book! That put a smile on my face.

So.... I liked it. I think. 

Regardless, I fell in love with Heather while reading Gavin's book and I'll for sure read whatever it is she writes next!

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