Thursday, July 9, 2015

Easy Silence by Beth Rinyu

Easy Silence

They say you never forget your first love. 
No matter how many more come along or how much time goes by, there will always be that one person who will be forever embedded deep inside your heart and soul. 
For me, that was Jaxson Callahan.

We were complete opposites. I was a senator’s daughter. 

My parents were always too busy keeping up appearances on the political scene to show me love, so instead they bought my affection.

He was the son of a woman who allowed men to use and abuse her as well as him, just for her next fix. 

We became each other’s solace during that summer we met, creating a lifetime of memories in three short months. I provided him with a sense of hope that there was more than just the harsh reality of the life he had grown accustomed to, and he showed me a genuine love that I had been yearning for my entire life. We vowed to be together forever. I loved him and he loved me…. and nothing would keep us apart.

Nothing except the secrets that were hiding in that small seaside town.
Secrets that altered our destiny. We were never given any warning as we watched our future shake, crumble and disappear altogether, leaving us with nothing but memories of a bittersweet past.
Life can be beautiful. 
Life can be kind.
And, life can be heartless…..because nothing about our situation was fair.


Hidden secrets and lies, some too much to bear. 
Hearts are broken, tears are shed and lives are forever changed. 

I can count on Beth to write sweet and ooey gooey stories, and this doesn't disappoint. 
At times it had a little bit of an 'after school special' feel about it, right before the carpet gets pulled out from under you!

Her heroine, Samantha is smart and sweet, yet strong and resilient. She seems like your typical popular girl. Rich, beautiful and has her life all laid out in front of her presented on a silver platter.

Her hero, Jaxson is a bad boy. He's rough around the edges and has a chip on his shoulder. 
He is the epitome of broken. 
He's lived a tough life and seen things that no child should bare witness to.

"Sometimes even the strongest feelings in our hearts can't silence the demons in our head."

This story is sweet and sad with the addition to fun and light moments. It's not a dark read per say, but it does have more somber and darker elements.
There's a mysterious, angsty feel going on throughout and you just know something is about to happen... 
and then it does and you're left with your mouth hanging open.

But wait.. that's not it.. there's more!! 
You're gonna need tissues for this ending.. trust me on that!

In typical Beth Rinyu fashion, you'll be crying.. but I never said they'd be happy tears, did I?
That ooey gooey I talked about earlier?? She tosses that right out the window!!
Bravo Beth for shocking the hell out of me with this one!

"The past doesn't have to control the present and the future."

This story will have you contemplating life, and death. Your loved ones and your happiness.

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