Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hard Climate (Men of London, #8) by Susan Mac Nicol

Hard Climate (Men of London #8)Eco-warrior Mango Manning must shake the demons of his past to win back London nightclub owner Ryan Bishop, who is suddenly facing issues of his own. 


Brawny, beautiful, complicated and sexy as hell, eco-warrior Mango Manning is everything performer and London nightclub owner Ryan Bishop wants in a life-partner. But Mango has been loving and leaving Ryan for the past two years, and Ryan’s had enough. That’s why he’s moving on. Ryan’s the monogamous type—which means now he’ll be alone at the worst possible time. 

Mango Manning knows he’s screwed up and has commitment issues. That’s why he’s been so on-and-off with Ryan these past two years. He’d thought he found a safe haven, a place to hide from the losses of his past, but there are other demons you just can’t escape. Like Ryan’s health. If Mango is to put things right, he must man up and discover a way back into Club Delish and the heart of its owner. Only then can they look to the future together, come what may. True happiness will slip through their fingers...unless they both grab on and hold tight.

Commitment issues, fear, love and hope encompass much of this story.

Mango and Ryan are perfect for each other and fit like pieces of a puzzle... but Mango has issues that Ryan just can't deal with nor should he have to.
I wanted to shake Mango to his senses at first! 

Ryan is funny, sarcastic, cheeky and so in love!
Mango is rugged, handsome, Ryan's match in every way, but he's just afraid! 

This story was funny, sweet, sexy and sad.

"It wasn't all glitter and sparkly shoes."

Things happen that are sometimes beyond your control and I enjoyed how these two came together and made it work.

"When things go wrong, don't go with them."

As I've read the previous 7 Men of London books, I was very happy with the inclusion of Lenny and Brook who I absolutely adored.

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