Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Desperate Chances by A. Meredith Walters

Sex changes everything.

And love can turn into an enemy…

Mitch Abrams, the bassist for the popular rock band Generation Rejects, has been in love with Gracie Cook for years. But Gracie, a complicated girl with a lot of baggage, was too blind to see how she felt about the man who had always stood by her.

Until one night of passion brought them closer than they had ever been before.

Feeling off balance and out of control, Gracie does the only thing a girl with self-destructive tendencies can do: end things with Mitch before they can really begin.

So Mitch moves on. With his band, his friends, and a new girlfriend.

Yet he can’t seem to forget about the girl who threw his heart away.

Gracie, who is still struggling to build a life after crashing to the bottom, finds it hard to forget about her one night with Mitch. And even as she tries to convince herself it was only sex, her heart knows differently.

But life is full of chances and desperate moments. And when Mitch and Gracie are thrown back into each other’s lives, will they seize at the opportunity to do things right?

Or will the rock star and the less than ordinary girl crash and burn?

My Review

Friends to lovers gone wrong!
Like the blurb says, 'sex changes everything'. 
Sometimes it makes your relationship so much stronger and other times, it ends them all together.
Unfortunately for best friends Mitch and Gracie, it was the latter.

Ugh, the angst and heartbreak!!

I felt for Gracie. 
She's trying to change her life, mend her ways and make a new path for herself,  yet her family just couldn't believe in her. 
Her mother's behavior towards her made me want to reach in and smack her!

Then there's Mitch!
I liked him a lot!
His feelings for Gracie were so raw, and so real! He wasn't afraid to show his emotions.
Sadly for him, his big heart was stomped on and crushed to bits!

Their connection was so strong that even I could feel it. 
I was rooting for them!

This story is filled with love, pain and sorrow! 
But, there's also friendship, camaraderie, and laughter!

I loved the incorporation of all the previous characters. 
Not only was this Mitch and Gracie's story, but it was like a big family reunion! What is everyone up to? What does the future hold?

The laughter I mentioned... Viv and Cole!!! Need I say more? 
Their naughty antics had me constantly laughing out loud!

This was the perfect way to wrap up a series!

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