Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Amber to Ashes by Gail McHugh

From the New York Times bestselling author of Collide and Pulse 
comes a gritty new novel about a shattered young woman who unexpectedly falls for two best friends as she struggles to overcome the trauma of her tormented childhood.
They were a storm I never saw coming, an unforeseen heartbreak on the edge of a dangerous cliff. 

Amber Moretti's life changes in the span of minutes. An orphaned outsider, she is desperate to start fresh the moment she walks onto campus. In the time it takes to cross the university’s dining hall, she meets two men who bring color, air, and light to her darkened world. 

They became my addiction, each a needle to my next hit, my high. 

Brock Cunningham’s appeal is dizzying, a potent force Amber can’t deny. A green-eyed smooth talker, he instantly attracts Amber. It doesn’t take long for him to consume her every thought, her every breath. 

Ryder Ashcroft, a blue-eyed, tattooed, and pierced bad boy, turns Amber off immediately—that is, until he kisses her, stealing a piece of her heart, her soul. 

They were as opposite as fire and ice, yet I ached for them equally.

Never knowing she could be broken down in so many unexpectedly beautiful yet petrifying ways, Amber finds herself falling for both men. 

Immoral? Maybe. I say undeniable. Uncontained. 
But one event changes everything, shattering each of their lives…and Amber isn’t sure she can come back from it. 

Amber is a broken mess.. on the inside. On the outside she's a tough, takes no shit, does what she wants type of girl.

Brock is gorgeous, an all American boy, captain of the football team deliciousness.

Ryder is his best friend. He's divine, muscles upon muscles, tats, piercings and a player.

Everyone is hiding something. But what and from whom?

There's craziness, there's tenderness, sweet and sad. The sexual tension is palpable and the sex is off the charts. But there was something missing for me. All the elements are there, yet I stayed neutral.

From the beginning I struggled. I was ecstatic beyond belief when I received an advanced copy to read and review. I couldn't contain myself. That coupled with hearing about the tears and heart ache that was awaiting me had me sort of stumped and deflated once I started reading.

I wasn't that into it! 

There are some eye rolling moments, a couple unbelievable silly moments, as well as dark and holy shit ones.

Not sure how I felt about Amber throughout. 

I thought the men were very intriguing. I knew they were deeper than they seemed. I was curious as to their story and I could see how she could fall in love with both of them.

But the more I read, the more I felt the same. 

I highlighted several inspirational quotes along the way, but they never really hit me in the heart like I'd hoped they would.

Like I hope they do for you.

Regardless of my not loving the absolute shit out of this book.. I will read the next one.. and anything else written by Gail in the future! Why? Because I'm a fan and that's just how I roll!

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