Tuesday, May 26, 2015

21 Stolen Kisses by Lauren Blakely

When I first met him I resisted. 
Like any forbidden love, I told myself he was a crush, and it would pass.
That was a lie. It never faded.

And I never expected he would fall for me just as hard. 

There were so many reasons that should have kept us apart, least of all, the decade that separated us. Growing up in New York City, I learned early on that love is a double-edged sword. Love broke up my parents, love took away my friends, and love — the big, intense, never-been-like-this-before love — landed me in therapy. Now I’m heading to college, and it’s time to give love a clean slate again. But, can I really start over when he’s still in my life Because the one man I’ve always wanted, is also the only guy I absolutely can’t have…And he wants me just as fiercely.

Can I settle for anything less than the love of my life?

This was my first read by Lauren Blakely. 

Crazy, right? I thought so too! 
I have a handful of her books, but just haven't had the pleasure of reading them yet! 
Where have I been?

Forbidden love. 

She is in high school. 
He is eight years her senior.
Did I find it shocking?
Did the age difference really matter?

Kennedy grew up surrounded by adults. 
People coming and going.. celebrities, artists, parties. 
She was immersed into the adult world at a pretty young age. 
I never really saw the age difference between her and Noah.
They were alike in many ways. Their love of music and theater. Their upbringing.
Was she an old soul or was he a young soul?
Maybe a little of both.

"She was some kind of magic to me. She was everything I never knew I wanted, and she'd quickly become the one and only person I felt like myself with."

Kennedy has a skewed look on love and she's figured out a way to remedy it. 
Through famous quotes and paintings, we're taken on a journey of discovery, of forgiveness, of letting go and ultimately... love.

"It's like I'm putting the love back into the world that was taken."

This story is about so much more than simply Kennedy and Noah's relationship told through stolen kisses. It's about Love.
Love letters. The love of a parent and child. The love of a close friend.
The love between companions.

 The forbidden factor is there with the age difference, but in all honesty I never felt there was anything taboo going on. Regardless of her age, Kennedy was mature and had an amazing look on life and love. 
This was a sweet and thought provoking read. 
You can't help who you fall in love with, nor can you help when that love will happen.
"It was a tragic love, and a wrong love, and yet their letters were beautiful and spoke to the kind of deep, abiding, lifelong love you could feel for someone."

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