Saturday, May 2, 2015

Binge (7 Year Itch #1) by Jennifer Foor


Flynn & Aria Roberts have had plenty of ups and downs during their seven year marriage. Everyone warned them not to wed so young - that they'd be missing out on the key years when people grow from young adults to mature individuals.

The only thing holding them together now is their love for each other, and even that is becoming questionable. To save the marriage, and the family they've already started, Flynn and Aria come up with an unconventional solution to help them find what's missing in their relationship.

The only problem is doing so involves rediscovering themselves completely, even if it requires them to be unfaithful. Can a marriage survive when vows are broken, or will chance encounters prove they've been missing out all-along?

Fulfill your deepest desires
Give in to temptation


Um.... where do I start? I'm actually on the fence about this one.
Let me try and explain myself. 

The 7 year itch. 
I understand it.. I've been there. 
This premise is very relateable. 

That is the part I liked!

Aria could have been myself. 

The way she was unsure of herself as a woman and as a wife. 
I too was married young, I too had a child right after marriage.
Like Aria, I felt lost and unfulfilled. I had only ever been with one man. Was this all there was out there for me? Is this how it's supposed to be?
Jennifer Foor did a great job of expressing those emotions. I felt it. I empathized.


Aria's character had problems. I was getting whiplash with her back and forth antics. She was a tad too wishy washy for my taste and a tad too Bi-Polar!

Their relationship was very toxic. He was an ass and she was too passive. But then comes the bi-polar in both of them and like a flip of a switch she turned into a bitch and he a poor sad husband.

Some of the language/wording used was a little odd for me. The use of the word intercourse was out of place. Who says to their spouse.. babe, we haven't had intercourse in a while...?? 
Nobody, that's who.

And finally the sex. 
Some of the sex was hot, and some of it was real. 
Watching porn, fantasizing about other people, wanting to experience with public sex, growing and learning as a couple.. I get it.. that was all good.. 
but sometimes I felt like the things that were happening were a little too much and frankly only there for added shock value.

This was my first read by Jennifer Foor and although I rated it a 3, I know I'll read something from her again.

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