Monday, May 25, 2015

Revelry by Carmen Jenner

Cooper Ryan is living the dream. Between the parties with rock royalty, booze, groupies and performing to crowds of thousands with his band Taint, life seems pretty sweet. There’s just one thing missing: the feisty little red-head that took his baby and ran off with his heart. Throwing himself into music is the only thing keeping him sane.

Until a run-in with a nonplussed, package-wielding PA throws everything off balance.

Ali Jones is having a craptastic life. Her grandmother died, leaving her homeless, penniless, and alone, and her boyfriend left her for a tramp who takes her clothes off for money. That’s why when she lands her dream job at a record company it seems like it’s too good to be true.

Because it is.

Slapped with an ultimatum, Ali must decide if facing the horror of the unemployment line is a fate worse than going on the road with four rowdy rockers hell-bent on making her life misery.

He’s adored by millions.

She’s not even loved by her cat.

Can they ignore their hatred long enough to survive the tour from hell? Or will their chemistry force everything to come crashing down around them?

Flirty, funny, dirty, raunchy, sexy.

Close your eyes and picture your most stereotypical rock band. 
Can you see it?

Hot, sexy men. 
The quiet one, the outspoken one, the slut.
Groupies, drugs, booze, parties, sex, sex, sex.
Add in a heavy dose of raunch, a red kitty and some buried feelings of hurt and rejection and you’ve got yourself Revelry.

If I had to compare to other books I’ve read, just to give you an idea.. I’d say a cross between Backstage Pass and Strings! Some scenes may cause you to cringe and to some, probably warrant a warning. 

"the universe is a cock-sucking bitch that needs to choke on a rotten whale's vagina"

I was really enjoying the story from the beginning. The band mates have an awesome camaraderie and there's tons of funny throughout. Unfortunately at a certain point, things take a bit of a turn that I just didn't understand. Things also turn a bit crass and crude, still keeping heavy on the funny, but some of it just turned me off.

I kept an open mind and continued reading, although I didn't agree with what was happening, in the end I got what I wanted and finally understood the method to the madness.

"strange how you can be adored by millions and yet completely alone all at the same time."

I'm bracing myself for more of the raunchy, crudeness.. because I want to know more about these guys! Who's up next? Bring on the next member of Taint!

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