Thursday, April 2, 2015

Beautifully Awake (Beautifully Awake #1) by Riley Mackenzie

Diagnosis: Sleep-running

Treatment: Truth

Prognosis: Beautifully Awake

Lili Porter hates the rain. Bad things happen in the rain. As a small town social worker dedicated to protecting children, she is forced to start over to escape her rural disaster. Determined to follow her father’s advice—head up and chin high—Lili finds herself in a new city, taking on a new system, this time healthcare. In doing so, she gets something she never expected, an intimate behind-the-scenes look at life in the hospital. 

Lili learns that a surgeon’s hands have the power to heal more than physical wounds. And a prescription for truth can cure three years of sleep running and leave you beautifully awake.

Loved it! Lili and Chase's story was beautiful.

This story had me laughing, swooning, laughing again and crying! Not necessarily tissue after tissue, but definitely tear worthy. 

"raw and explosive one minute, to tender and loving the next"

that is a very fitting description taken right from the story itself!

Lili is a sweet, beautiful girl living a ho hum life. She is "sleep running" as she calls it. She suffered a great tragedy and is now simply existing, rather than living... that is until the day she meets Dr. Chase Colton. 

And Dr. Chase Colton aka Dr. Sexy, Dr. Possessive, Dr. Intensity, Dr. Compassionate, Dr. Orgasm... is one hot ass alpha male surgeon! mm mm mm
Chase is also holding back from really living. He harbors great guilt for his past mistakes and there was absolutely nothing anybody could do to change him ..... until Lili came along.

Another reviewer mentioned Grey's Anatomy. It's true! You do get a Grey's Anatomy/ER feel, especially in the beginning. 

Chase is very possessive and protective.. and SO HOT!
There are several supporting characters, friends and family whom all added great humor and drama. 
Sierra's pregnancy woes had me rolling on the floor laughing!!
Chase's family secrets and pain caused me just that, pain. How utterly heart-breaking! And the Epilogue!!! HOLY CRAP, this is where I did most of the crying!!!

Not so much love...
Some of it was a little repetitive. Asspuck! Ok, that was funny.. but it was the only word they used, over and over! 
Also the use of "truth". The first couple of times it was sweet, then after the 50th "truth" all I could see was The Kardashians saying Bible! 

Speaking of all things Kardashian.. Guy sure liked using the term "Doll"!! (but that I liked)

And finally.... Blue! I can't get over the nickname. I get it, it's her eyes.. yes, yes, sweet.. but really? All I kept thinking was BLUE 32, BLUE 32, HUT HUT!! 

SO... repetitive words aside.... because really, what's a couple of words?? .... I did really really love this!! 

Great job ladies! I am looking forward to reading Beautifully Done!!


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