Thursday, April 2, 2015

Collide (Blackcreek #1) by Riley Hart

At ten years old, Noah Jameson and Cooper Bradshaw collided mid-air when they dove for the same football. For three years, they were inseparable…until one day when Noah and his parents disappeared in the middle of the night.

Noah and Cooper never knew what happened to each other. Now, seventeen years later, after finding his boyfriend in bed with another man, Noah returns to Blackcreek looking for a fresh start. And damned if he doesn't find his old friend grew up to be sexy as sin. Coop can’t believe Noah—the only person he trusted with the guilt over his parents’ death—is back. And gay… Or that Cooper himself suddenly wants another man in his bed for the first time. 

There’s no denying the attraction and emotion between them, but can they overcome the ghosts of their pasts to have a future together? 

This title contains two strong, sexy men, and a passionate friendship that transforms into a sizzling hot romance.

This story is not only sweet and sexy but also at times a little sad.

Both Noah and Cooper have painful memories they'd rather forget.

They were best friends as young boys, confiding in each other things they never told another soul.

Now 17 years later they've reconnected again, picking right back up where they left off. Only this time there's a little more than just friendship going on.

I love the possessiveness and jealousy they both felt.

"You touch me again, and you won't have a choice. You'll me mine."

There's also some purty HOT moments!!

Coop watched as Noah's chest and stomach heaved in and out with laughter. Eyed the bar piercing through his nipples. And Jesus... wondered how they would feel against his tongue. What it would be like to run his hand over Noah's firm muscles.

But for some reason the use of the word "man" just felt weird to me. I know men use it all the time, like the words "buddy" or "dude", and that's all fine and dandy most of the time, but during sex or foreplay? It just felt out of place.

I really enjoyed this GFY/friends turned lovers story and can't wait for Riley Hart's next book!!

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