Saturday, April 4, 2015

Texas Pride by Kindle Alexander

When mega movie star and two time Academy Award winner, Austin Grainger voluntarily gave up his dazzling film career, his adoring fan base thought he’d lost his mind. For Austin, the seclusion of fifteen hundred acres in the middle of Texas sounds like paradise. No more cameras, paparazzi, or overzealous media to hound him every day and night. Little did the sexiest man alive know when one door closes, another usually opens. And Austin’s opened by way of a sexy, hot ranch owner right next door. 

Kitt Kelly wasn’t your average rancher. He’s young, well educated and has hidden his sexuality for most of his life. When his long time wet dream materializes as his new neighbor it threatens everything he holds dear. No way the ranching community would ever accept him if he came out. With every part of his life riding on the edge, can Kitt risk it all for a chance at love or will responsibility to his family heritage cost him his one chance at happiness?

Kitt is a yummy rough and tough cowboy, taking care of his father's ranch and family after his death and...buried deep in the closet!
Austin is an A-list actor at the top of his prime and engaged to be married to a beautiful actress. Unfortunately, Austin is burnt out of the Hollywood life, glitz and glamour and especially of hiding who he really is. He's ready to live a peaceful, quiet life back in Texas where he grew up. 
Austin ends up buying land from Kitt essentially becoming his next-door neighbor. Unbeknownst to them, they each harbor some deep rooted feelings dating back to their high school days. Neither man knows the fantasies each other have nor do they know the other is gay!

I liked Kitt and Austin's story, but there was just something missing to make me completely love it.
There was drama, love, sex, surprises and revelations...but I needed more. More what? I'm not sure. It was all there and lots of it.. I just needed more! Less story line and more passion and feelings maybe? I also found quite a few editing errors, which, 
if you know me, you know I can't let that slide. 

All in all, a very enjoyable read! 

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